Accolades are special accomplishments your captain can achieve while you are playing Star Trek Online.

Unlike Tours of Duty or Episodes, Accolades are rewards for exploring the universe, defeating enemies in combat, reaching out a helping hand, and achieving various milestones in game.

Completing an Accolade grants a small Skill Point reward and adds to the Accolade Score. You can view your accumulated accolades and score by going to the Accolade tab in the Missions screen, which you can usually bring up by pressing L in game.

Achievement Accolades

These are the accolades you get when you accomplish something. Examples include such things as having achieved a certain grade, or having been promoted up to becoming a Flag Officer.

Damage Accolades

These are the accolades you get when you either deal or receive a certain amount of damage. There are different accolades for different damage types. The healing accolades have been included in here as well.

Defeat Accolades

As you reach certain milestones in ship destruction or enemy defeats you earn these accolades. They commonly are awarded at the 10th, 100th, or 1000th defeat or destruction.

Mission Accolades

These are the accolades that are specific to certain missions. Some of them you get by exploring the mission map, or when you discover hidden ways to be of assistance during missions, and others are awarded automatically as you progress through the mission.

STF Accolades

These are Accolades you unlock during Special Task Force Missions.

Lore Accolades

Accolades granted upon activating Datachips received by doing daily Lore missions.

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