Borg Symbol

The Borg insignia.

The Borg are a pseudo-race of cybernetic beings, or cyborgs, from the Delta Quadrant.

Star Trek Online Edit

Players who sign up for a lifetime subscription prior to the game's release were awarded the chance to use Borg as a Player Species. The Liberated Borg begins with the following two traits. You can select another two traits from a general list.

  • Borg Nanites: Passive, 99,999 sec, +0.1 Health Regeneration, +10% Shield Regeneration strength (Only affects certain things)
    • Description: Ground Trait. Constantly regenerates shields and health.
  • Efficient: +5 Starship Shield Efficiency, +5 Starship Engine Efficiency, +5 Starship Energy Weapon Efficiency, +5 Starship Auxiliary Systems Efficiency
    • Description: Space Trait. Provides a bonus to efficiency stats, improving the effectiveness of many of your power management abilities.

The Liberated Borg also has a unique optional trait.

  • Borg Neural Blast: 30 second debuff. Drastically reduces run speed. Every 4 seconds, Neural Blast has a 40% chance to hold the target for 3 seconds.
    • Description: Activatable Ground Trait. Inject the target with neural toxins, which continually attempt to hold the target for the duration. Also reduces the target's movement speed.

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