The Celestial Class Long Range Exploration Vessel is an expansion on the classic Galaxy Class design that was first put into action during the late 24th century. This vessel shared many of the same components and requirements as its sisters classes, the Galaxy and Envoy, which made it easier to construct given its massive size. Its power and size make it ideal for fleet support but it is more commonly used on diplomatic mission, and the rescue of refugees from various colonies.

Exact specifications on the Celestial Class are as follows:

Fore weapons: 4 Aft weapons: 3

Officer Stations: Tactical Lieutenant, Engineering Lieutenant, Engineering Commander, Science Lieutenant

2 Tactical Consol Slots, 3 Engineering Consol Slots, 2 Science Consol Slots, 4 Alternative Device Slots

1000 Crew

Impulse Speed: 15 Turning Rate: 2

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Ship specifics
Class Exploration Cruiser (4th tier ship)
Faction Federation
Minimum Rank Captain
Crew Compliment 1000
Turn Rate 5
Impulse Modifier 0.15
Device Slots 4
Weapons 4 Fore, 3 Aft
Bridge officer stations 1 Lieutenant Engineering; 1 Commander Engineering; 1 Lieutenant Science; 1 Lieutenant Tactical
Console Upgrades 3 Engineering, 2 Science, 2 Tactical
Value 143,850 Energy
Information based on version ST.0.20100123a.10