Episode: Exploration
Contact: Lieutenant Grall
Level: Lt. 8
Information based on version ST.0.20100123a.1

Much of the Arucanis Arm is uncharted. I want you to change that.

You can find the Arucanis Arm off of the Regulus Sector Block.

Keep in touch. I get nervous when I don't hear from you for a long time.

Explore 3 systems in the Arucanis Arm and report back with your findings.


This is another cluster that is obscured by "space dust". The mission requires that you tour the system and scan the various anomalies you encounter. Some are lootable items; most were star systems when I did this. The sub-missions in these star systems are much the same as ones encountered earlier except for a mercy mission that requires bringing 10 communication arrays (or shield generators) to the planet in need. I did not bother to complete this one since you have to have been collecting these up to this point (they are not lootable in this star system). Recommend dropping the mission and locating another star system/sub-mission that is more readily completed.