(Left) The Horizon Class Research Science Vessel (Right) Trident Class Deep Space Science VesselOne of the three classes for the Klingon Empire, Romulan Republic, and the Federation. The science officer can support all of its teammates with Health regeneration, Damage buffs, Defense Buffs, and so many more buffs that the Science Officer can provide for their team. The science class is best in space combat with Science Vessels, The Intrepid Class is the best science ship set that can be purchased from C store (The Zen Store). Science officers ability's (Without Kit) are earned over your science career. Form Lieutenant level to Vice Admiral, your character will increase in science ability level. Tetryon Weaponry is the best weapons for science officers. Tetryon weapons do extra damage on shields, and give you a 3.87% chance to damage their shield subsystem. Science officers also have extra health regeneration increase on use of the ability Medical Tricorder Mk XII.
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