Episode: Klingon Front
Contact: Admiral Quinn
Level: Lt. 5
Plus One of the following:
Information based on version ST.0.20100123a.1

We have decrypted some of the information you found at the Klingon listening post in the Paulson Nebula, and Starfleet Intelligence believes there is at least one more of those posts out there.

We have the location of a signal repeater, which boosts the subspace transmission from these listening posts. Starfleet wants you to go to the Bomari system, find the signal repeater and use it to track down the coordinates of the other listening post.

When you have the location, transport a team down to the surface and take it out. We can provide you with spatial charges to get the job done.

Can we count on you to keep Starfleet communications safe?

  • Echo Location
  • Piercing the Veil
  • Outpost Oblivion
  • Point Counterpoint
  • Unseen Threat
  • Hail Starfleet to Report

Find and destroy a Klingon listening post in the Risa Sector's Bomari system.