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Contact: Admiral Quinn
Level: Lt. 2
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Stranded In Space is the second Episode in the Klingon Story arc for Federation players. On it, Federation captains get their first taste of battle with Orions, adversaries allied to the Klingon Empire. It's chief reward is your choice of uncommon Tactical, Engineering or Science Bridge officer. Stranded In Space takes 15-20 minutes average to complete and can be retaken once completed. 

Mission WalkthroughEdit

Ensign, I've received a report that there is a Bolian freighter that is overdue arriving at Earth Spacedock. It may need assistance.

Please talk to Malcolm Sissel in the Shipyard. He will have more information about the missing vessel than I do.

  • Speak to Malcom Sissel in Shipyard
  • Undock and head to System Space
  • Warp to Sector Space
  • Azura Blues

To any ships in range ... this is Danna Brott of the transport S.S. Azura. Please help ... warp core containment field down ... radiation flooding ship ... communciations and life support failing. Cannot eject warp core ... need immediate evacuation and assistance.

Please help us!

  • Assist the S.S. Azura

Sir, sensors are picking up several light attack craft on an intercept course. We will need to deal with them before we can render aid to the S.S. Azura.

- Bridge Officer

  • Defeat the Orion raiders threatening the Azura

Captain, radiation levels in most areas of the Azura are too high for safe transport. Recommend we beam into the aft cargo bay.

- Bridge Officer

  • Beam onto the Azura and render aid
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