Star Trek Online like most other massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) will require players to have a subscription, or pay a monthly/yearly fee to play the game. All players receive 30 days free with the purchase of Star Trek Online.

Limited Time Exclusive SpecialsEdit

  • Prior to release, a special lifetime and 12-month subscription deals is being offered. These payment options include a reduced monthly rate, extra character slots and a new playable race: The Borg.

Lifetime SubscriptionEdit

  • $239.99 USD
  • Lifetime Access to Star Trek Online
  • Playable Borg
  • 2 Additional Character Slots

12 Month (Discounted Annual Subscription) Edit

  • 119.99/yr USD
  • Annual recurring subscription locked in at the discount price
  • 2 Additional Character Slots

Regular Subscription OptionsEdit

  • Note: These prices are announced Subscription Prices and could possibly change.
1-Month Recurring 14.99 16.49 8.99 12.99 82.45
3-Month Recurring 41.97 46.17 25.17 35.97 230.84
6-Month Recurring 77.94 85.73 46.14 65.94 428.67